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Drills Submitted by Other Visitors

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Basketball Drill: Don’t square the shoulders, watch Lehman 


Many of these basketball drills suggestions make sense.

However, I believe that if you watch any level of the game and study shooting you will notice …

Over Low 


Objective of Drill: Score a 3 pointer and confuse the defense

Action of Drill: Point guard brings the ball down to the three point line and calls the …

The Big Rebound Drill 


Objective of Drill: The objective is to drill youth players in foot work, hand eye coordination, movement and jumping skills required to become successful …

5 in 25s 


Objective of Drill: Helps stamina and speed.

Action of Drill: The whole team lines up on one baseline.

Coaches set the clock to 25 seconds.

All …

3 on 2, 2 on 1 Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

For this basketball drill, have players line up in three lines at one end of the court.

Then have two players at the opposite end at the free throw …

Knock Out Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

Get in a line of at least two people.

All of the people have to have basketballs.

The first person shoots from the three throw line.

If the …

4 Across Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

This basketball drill is to be run with the wings at the far sides by the 3 point line and the posts are to be up on the foul line at either elbow.

The …

what ever basketball drill name you feel suits it best 

Not rated yet

This drill is when you place 6 basketball in the most common 6 positions on either side of the court that your players would shoot from.

Most likely …

MidCourt Looseball Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

This was a drill when I played at Ithaca High School (40 years ago) under Coach Don Culligan.

We would line up out of bounds at half-court line.

Coach …

Around the back cross pass basketball drill 

Not rated yet

You bounce the ball around your back.

Then, when it comes to the other hand cross pass either lay it up or make a jump shot.

flash 3-pointer shots basketball drill 

Not rated yet

For this basketball drill, the players are lined in two sets facing each other.

one set of the players are lined at the 3-pointer line and the other …

Loose Ball Chase Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

Chasing hard after a loose ball and gaining control for an offensive chance is a great basketball drill to practice.

What you need ? You will start …

Rebounding Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

wen da team hit da ball off the backboard over and over

Extend Your Range Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

To extend your range beyond the 3-point line take 10 shots from the 3-pt line then move back a step and shoot 10 more.

Chair Lay-ups Basketball Drill 

Not rated yet

you put a chair at free throw line.

player sits in chair performs three dribble moves:

crossover, between the legs and in and out.

after performing …

Basketball Drill: Three man weave 

Not rated yet

There are three players…hence the name three man weave.

All three players start of at one end of the court, one on the left side, one in the middle …

Passing Ladder 

Not rated yet

Partner up, one on each baseline.

One partner starts with a ball.

The other girl sprints towards her catching a pass on the run (without stopping …


Not rated yet

This is how the rainbow drill works.

First u divide the team into two groups at the baseline with one group on the left side of the baseline behind …

5 man weave 

Not rated yet

same stance as a 3 man weave, just add two extra slot to the left the middle passed the ball to the right then he go behind the person in the second slot …

3 man weave 

Not rated yet

You start at the baseline and make 3 lines one in the middle and one on each side.

the ball starts with the middle person they pass it to either side,…


Not rated yet

“When ever your having a bad game just vision that you are the best player and your team needs you right now!”

The Best Basketball Shooting Drill – Advice I Can Give You 

Not rated yet

I don’t believe in “right” shooting. There is no such thing.

I believe in a basketball shooting drill that involves training your legs, eyes, arms,…

Basketball Drill: 3,4 reverse  

Not rated yet

1 will pass the ball to 2 or 5 ,3 will come around court ,4 will go the other way then 2 take the shot

3 Minute Drill 

Not rated yet

Set the timer for 3 minutes.

Players have 1 minute to run from the baseline to the opposite baseline and back, 3 times.

****It is recommended to …

The Gauntlet 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: This is a great drill for building leg muscles because it alternates between working the quads and calves.

Action of Drill: Cones …

Lay Up Shots 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: To make as many lay up shots as possible in one minute.

Action of Drill: Start at corner of foul line and run, do a lay up, rebound …

Four Corner Pass 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: Train passing and footwork

Action of Drill: In the half court put some players in all four corners.

Then in one corner one player …

Up, Up and Away! 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: Run the ball up to the ark, then fake left and pass right.

Then, your teammate should fake the three and run to field goal position …

Catch n’ Release 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: To score as many baskets as you can in a row!

Action of Drill: Grab a partner and hit the court!

Line up at the foul line or …


Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: To run faster and work out on those legs.

Action of Drill: Run up and down a set of steps at least 10 times before 5 minutes has …

Truck and Trailer 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: Fast Break Basketball Drill

Action of Drill: 5 players line up at one baseline.

#1 goes full court lay up and then free throw …

Shoot and Run 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: To shoot the basketball from anywhere on the court and retrieve it before it hits the ground.

Action of Drill: Shoot the ball. Run …

Shoot, Rebound and Pass 

Not rated yet

Objective of Drill: To improve shooting, rebound and pass skills

Action of Drill: You shoot the ball, then catch, then pass to your teammate and steal …