Better Basketball’s “Better 1 On 1 Offense” DVD Review

Better Basketball’s “Better 1 On 1 Offense” DVD is one tool every basketball player and coach should watch!

Who out there doesn’t want to improve your game? What coach doesn’t want to help your players improve their offensive game?

This comprehensive DVD teaches you about REAL 1 on 1 situations. We’re not talking about drive-way games or games on the black top where you check the ball into the defense and they have time to set up and stop your drive.


“The best kind of 1 on 1 that will give you a chance to score in a real game is to attack immediately, to attack before the defense gets set.”
– Coach Rick Torbett

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Better 1 On 1 Offense teaches you how to quickly read the defense, react immediately so you can use the most effective move possible to help you score.

This 3 1/2 hour DVD contains 8 chapters of detailed techniques to help you improve your game dramatically.

Whether you’re starting from the triple threat position or off the dribble, Coach Rick Torbett teaches you everything from the fundamentals to techniques the pros such as Sue Bird and Chauncey Billups use to help them be among the top point guards in their leagues.

Along with his valuable techniques, Coach Torbett also spends time with 3 of the best offensive players out there.

In his interviews he not only speaks with them about their techniques, but more importantly, their mindset:
Sue Bird has 2 NCAA National Titles with UCONN and scored 1,378 points. She’s won numerous trophies, such as “Player of the Year” 3 times and the 2002 ESPY Female College Athlete of the year. She continued on to win the 2004 WNBA Championship and become a two time All-Star, among many other accomplishments.

Chauncey Billups is currently averaging 18.7 ppg and 8.7 apg (#2 in the NBA). Named Eastern Conference Player of the Month in January after scoring 37 points in a game against Orlando as well as being selected to first All-Star team in February.

Rick Barry was selected to the NBA 50th anniversary All-Time Team, was NBA Rookie of the Year averaging 25.7 ppg, NBA Finals MVP in 1975, was selected as an All-Star 12 out of his 14 professional years and scored 25,279 points in his career. Just to name a few.

Coach Rick Torbett really spent time and energy along with his 25 years of coaching experience, to put together a great teaching tool in “Better 1 On 1 Offense” – to help both you the player and you the coach dramatically improve your 1 on 1 offensive game. His 70% career winning percentage should be enough to entice you to listen, watch and take notes.

If you are looking to improve (great players never stop looking to improve) your game, then you must go to Better Basketball and invest in a “Better 1 On 1 Offense” DVD today! I personally watch it often before I compete and it definitely has helped me improve my game. I’m positive it will help you, too!

Better 1 On 1 Offense,
Reviewed by:
David Huizar