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Here you’ll find a selection of Kentucky basketball quotes.

Why Kentucky?

Why not Kentucky?

Kentucky has a rabid fan base and they’re always on the look-out for news on their team. If you’re a Kentucky fan, we hope you enjoy the following Kentucky basketball quotes.

If you’re not a Kentucky fan, we hope you’ll take a look at the basketball quotes on this page anyway. You never know where inspiration or motivation might come from… or a little humor… or something you can get mad about the next time you have to play Kentucky!

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Kentucky Basketball Quotes (1-5)

    • “Big Blue Madness was really exciting. It’s something people all over the country are talking about. Madness was well done. I‘d like to thank our marketing and media relations people and everyone else that helped put it together. The best part about Madness was that people who don’t normally get a chance to go to Rupp Arena got those lower level seats and got to get close to the players. It was a good way to get the season kicked off.” – Tubby Smith


  • “Shooting is all about confidence.” – Tubby Smith



  • “And it blew my mind when I started to get wind of the fact that they actually liked me being around. That was humbling, because Kentucky basketball is a big deal, and I am not the biggest fan – I am just the most notorious one.” – Ashley Judd



  • “I let the game come to me. I took the shots, and when I got some opportunities, I took advantage of them.” – Joe Crawford, Guard



  • “I don’t have any complaints. As long as we win, I think I’m doing my job. I’ve been playing about the way I expected. I think better conditioned is the key.” – Randolph Morris, Center


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Kentucky Basketball Quotes (6-10)

    • “We had fun out there, and that’s what we should be doing. We communicate and play well together and try to stay positive. If one person gets down, the whole team gets down. I want everybody to stay up and stay positive. That is also part of my job as a point guard.” – Ramel Bradley, Guard


  • “These (Kentucky) fans known for their passion, not for their patience.” – Chris Fowler, ESPN



  • “We feel like we are a team that can compete for another Southeastern Conference championship. This conference is always very tough.” – Tubby Smith



  • “I think it’s coming along. All the work we’ve put in since June is starting to pay off. Everyone knows we started off struggling, but we’re trying to go out and give it our best.” – Lukasz Obrzut, Center



  • “I don’t know who is more demanding, (Tubby Smith) or these fans. I spent some time in a chat room this week, which I know is a bad idea. One loss and the sky is falling here.” – Chris Fowler, ESPN


Kentucky Basketball Quotes (11-15)

    • “That’s one of those wins that can send your program to a different height.” – Tubby Smith


  • “He’s probably one of the most athletic guys I’ve played. When you have a shot blocker you have to take it to them and put them on their heels.” – Bobby Perry, Forward, on playing against Stephane Lasme



  • “This is as close as we’ve been to playing a complete game in a long time, all year long. So hopefully we’re starting to gel and come together at a critical time.” – Tubby Smith



  • “I think I am in really good shape right now. (Scott) Holsopple has done a great job conditioning the team. It was really tough at first, but I am in much better shape because of it. Last year I was out of shape, and that was one of my biggest problems.” – Jared Carter, Center



  • “I’ve got to beat the (Louisville) Cardinals or I can’t survive here. That’s for sure.” – Tubby Smith


Kentucky Basketball Quotes (16-20)

    • “It’s a game we have to have.” – Tubby Smith


  • “We’ve been practicing a good few weeks, sometimes twice a day, against the same people. It’s great to play a different team.” – Randolph Morris, Center



  • “We were a little bit intimidated. That put us on the defensive and we lost our poise.” – Tubby Smith



  • “If he gets any angle at all, he can get all the way to the basket or find someone open on the perimeter, which he did pretty regularly.” – Tubby Smith



  • “I think this is the best game we’ve played so far. We played well on defense and offense. We let down a couple of times. We still have to get to the point where we can break a team and build the lead. We’re getting better every game.” – Joe Crawford, Guard