Discover the Proper Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals & Explode To The Board!

The biggest key to basketball rebounding success is how you think about it.

It doesn’t matter where a shot has been taken from or who took the shot. You must always be thinking that the shot will be missed.

basketball rebounding
Never under-estimate the value of thinking “miss” and what it will do to transform the basketball rebounding aspect of your game.

Remember that desire makes up 75% of rebounding success and only the last 25% is ability. Be aggressive and always make the second effort.

If you’re looking for the proper rebounding fundamentals, look no further than right here, right now! We’ve got ’em. All you need to do is take these fundamentals to heart and use them. Next thing you know, you’ll be out-muscling players taller than you.

Yes, it’s definitely possible for any sized player to become a master at basketball rebounding. How big is your heart? How badly do you want it?

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Basketball Rebounding Fundamentals

1) Think Miss

Yes, yes, we know – we just said that above, didn’t we? But this is such an important detail to being a great rebounder. You can’t get position if you wait around to see if the shooter missed. Always assume they will miss. Remember, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan missed about half the shots they attempted!

2) Block Out Your Opponent

There are two effective ways to do this. The first is the frontal step. If the opponent you’re guarding tries for a rebound, step in front of them and make contact. Be sure to stay balanced and wide with your knees slightly bent and your legs apart. The benefit of this move is you stay well balanced and you can get to the ball quickly.

The second fundamental of blocking out is the reverse pivot. This is good to use when your back is to the hoop. When someone shoots, you spin, or pivot on one foot. Let’s say you’re using your right foot as the pivot foot. As the shot goes up, pivot on your right foot and swing your left leg across your body so you now face the basket. This move allows you to cover a lot of space quickly because with just one step you can move to either side of the court. You’re now in great rebounding position with your body between your opponent and the ball.

3) Approach

You must be able to get from where you are blocking out your opponent to where the ball comes down. You must be quick at seeing how the ball will come off the rim. If you haven’t moved into the correct position within one to two seconds, it’s usually too late. One tip is that when a shot is taken from the side of the basket, it comes off the opposite side about 70% of the time.

4) Grab the Rebound

The key here is to have established good position and then go up for the rebound strong. Make sure your feet are positioned so you have balance and jump up, wide and strong. It’s actually not all about how high you can jump. Players who can jump the highest but don’t establish very good position and go up strong won’t be the best at basketball rebounding.

Extend your arms and reach for the ball with both hands. Get a good lock on the ball as soon as your fingertips make contact with it. Keep your shoulders strong as you lock your wrist and elbows. As you come down, keep the ball up, out and away. Stay wide and strong. If you bring the ball too close to your body, it will be much easier for defenders to knock the ball away from you.


Think Miss

Block Out Your Opponent

Keep Strong Position and Stay Balanced

Jump Up, Wide and Strong

Use Both Hands To Lock Onto The Ball

Come Down Wide and Strong

Keep the Ball Up, Out and Away

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Bonus Section: Offensive Basketball Rebounding Ideas

Since defenders are usually closer to the basket, here are some techniques for gaining inside basketball rebounding position on offense:

1) Rear Turn and Roll

If your defender is between you and the basket and has made contact: Put one foot between your defender’s legs and make a rear pivot to spin off the defender. Get your hands up and try to gain inside position.

2) Straight Step

Use this basketball rebounding move when your defender has not made contact: Get past the defender with a long, quick step.

3) Crossover Step

A basketball rebounding move good for when your defender has moved too far sideways when trying to block you out. Fake one direction and then use a crossover step to move past the defender.

After you get the rebound:

*Be sure to land with proper balance and use head and shot fakes to get free for second opportunity shooting.

*Concentrate on the basket and make a strong power move to the hoop.

*Protect the ball!

*Using the backboard will increase your chances for success.

*Be quick but don’t hurry your shots.