Basketball Leadership Basics All Players Should Know

Basketball leadership is more than just having a good coach.

“Leaders expect to succeed, and they expect success for their people.” – Art Williams, Pushing Up People

5 Basketball Leadership Tips That Will Help You Lead Your Team To The Top

There has never been a great team that didn’t have a leader on the floor playing alongside the rest of the team.

Leadership like Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers, Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics or what about Jerry West, also with the Los Angeles Lakers?

Today we have a basketball leadership group like Iverson, Kobe, Nash, Garnett and host of other superstars. Teams that don’t have a player willing to stand out, to compete or to lead the way may win games, but, they will never play at the level we all strive to play at; as a championship team.

So what makes this “Basketball Leadership” group tick? How do they rise above the rest and more importantly, how do they inspire their teammates to turn it up a notch and play at levels they didn’t know they could?

They Work Harder than everyone else. You must show up early and leave late. There is no substitute for hard work and there are no short cuts. You must have a plan, you need to know where you want to go and what you must do to get there. It’s been said that Kobe Bryant will take as many as 2000 jump shots a day in the off-season. Could this be a factor in him leading the league in scoring?

They Are Excited to be playing basketball. Enthusiasm is contagious to all that are exposed to it. Love what you do and inspire others to have fun. Your heart must be in it in order for you to strive to improve and learn more.

They are in Great Mental And Physical Condition. Your mental condition is of extreme importance because it’ll determine how hard you’re going to work and how enthusiastic you’ll be about playing the game. You must believe in yourself and you must believe in your teammates. If you believe you’re a champion, then that’s what you’ll become!

They’ve Mastered The Fundamentals. Although we all love the “show time” part of basketball. It’s the fundamentals that win games. As a basketball leader, you must constantly strive to master the fundamentals of the game; then constantly help your teammates improve in those areas as well.

The basketball leadership heroes have an outstanding Team Spirit. You must encourage teamwork and unselfishness at every opportunity. You must be eager to sacrifice personal glory for the welfare of the team. Encourage your teammates, motivate them, help them to achieve their goals. You must be the bigger person and in the end you’ll be rewarded.

The bottom line? It’s who you are that makes you a leader among your teammates. Are you someone that your teammates would want to be like? Do you encourage and motivate your teammates?

How are your work ethics and attitude? Are you constantly pushing up people or knocking them down? Do you do as you say or expect other people to do as you say? Do you accept your teammates’ weaknesses and reward their strengths?

If you do all these things and more, then you’re on track to becoming what we all want to be – A Champion on the inside and out!

– David Huizar

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