Fast Break Basketball Offense Tips

fast break basketball offense
The following fast break basketball offense tips are designed to give you that extra edge in developing this aspect of your game.

After you get the tips you need here, start practicing the necessary fast break basketball drills to turn your knowledge into physical reality.

Fast Break Basketball Offense Tips

1) A successful fast break offense only comes after each player has embedded a “Look for the fast break opportunity every single time” mentality.

2) Fast break opportunities are created in the back court through quick recognition.

3) Keep your focus balanced properly between a rebounding, cutting and defensive perspective.

4) Always keep your focus down the court searching for the chance to implement your team’s fast break offense.

5) Whether you’re using the dribble or pass, get the ball down the court as fast as possible.

6) Don’t get sloppy just for the sake of trying for the fast break.

7) Always finish the fast break with a good, high percentage shot. Don’t become wild.

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8) Be sure to develop patience. A fast breaking team is one more prone to mistakes. You need to take the good with the bad.

9) Every player must hustle into their lanes in order to create the necessary options for their teammates.

10) Be sure to invest the proper amount of time on fast break drills to master your craft.

11) In order to get open, use sharp angle cuts (don’t arc your cuts) along with change of pace.

12) Make passes to teammates who are cutting in from the corner or sideline. Don’t trap your teammates by passing them into the corner or sideline.

13) Practice your shooting and ball handling skills so you can shoot accurately while you’re being quick. You won’t always have a chance to become completely set and comfortable during many fast break basketball offense opportunities.

14) After securing defensive rebounds, pay much attention to getting the ball out quickly.