Basketball Shooting Tips Article Series from Tom Nordland of Swish Video Fame

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Tom Nordland’s Basketball Shooting Tips

Article #1A Conversation For Great Shooting – Part 1
As I go to write this first article, I thought to introduce myself and the subject, and list some of the many resources on my website where further information is available. Then, each successive month, I’ll select one topic and write a new piece or edit something from the many writings I’ve already done.

Article #2A Conversation For Great Shooting – Part 2
FOREIGN PLAYERS SEEM TO SHOOT BETTER! – Most of the few great “pure” shooters in the NBA are now the international players. Players like Peja Stojakovic from Sacramento and Dirk Nowitzki for Dallas are two of the best. Early imports like Kukoc, Divac, Turkoglu and Medvedenko had generally good shooting skills and helped open the doors. A constant stream of foreign players is now coming through.

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