Shoot, Rebound and Pass

by Wasdenmier Bell
(Oklahoma, USA)

Basketball Shooting, etc

Basketball Shooting, etc

Objective of Drill: To improve shooting, rebound and pass skills

Action of Drill: You shoot the ball, then catch, then pass to your teammate and steal the ball… then fake the ball, then shoot (dunk or layup is possible)

Coaching Points: This drill helps you become a complete player and I have helped train students in prestigious universities

Shoot and Run

by A. Dreyer
(Montana, USA)

Basketball Drill

Basketball Drill


Objective of Drill: To shoot the basketball from anywhere on the court and retrieve it before it hits the ground.

Action of Drill: Shoot the ball. Run as soon as its in the air, retrieve it if it’s an airball or bounces off the rim before it hits the ground.

Then shoot from where you caught the ball until you make it.

If you fail to get it before it hits the ground 1 up and back, add continually if missing ( 1 goes to 2, 2 goes to three, 3 goes to 4, etc.)

Coaching Points: This works on speed, rebounding and shooting. Really helps your skills if you do it for about a half an hour a day!

Truck and Trailer

by Martin Conroy
(Laois, Ireland)

Basketball Down Court

Basketball Down Court


Objective of Drill: Fast Break Basketball Drill

Action of Drill: 5 players line up at one baseline.

#1 goes full court lay up and then free throw line extended for outlet.

#2 follows #1 and rebounds and then outlets to #1.

#3 hits the foul line in the opposite front court and then hits the spot where the halfway line meets the sideline.

#1 then passes to #3.

While this is happening #4 in the line goes baseline to baseline on the weak side for pass or rebound.

#5 hits the half way line then sprints to the corner and gets the pass from #3.

#5 then either shoots or passes.

All players follow in for the rebound.

Coaching Points: Make sure all the players are pushing themselves.

Good passing and moving.

Try to rebound the ball before it hits the floor.

Give 1 point for the first lay up, 2 points for the shot from the corner and an extra point for the rebound if the ball does not touch the floor.


by A.W.
(Pennslyvania, USA)

Run Down Basketball Court

Run Down Basketball Court


Objective of Drill: To run faster and work out on those legs.

Action of Drill: Run up and down a set of steps at least 10 times before 5 minutes has run out.

Catch n’ Release

by Amit Sandhu
(British Columbia, Canada)

Basketball Shooting

Basketball Shooting


Objective of Drill: To score as many baskets as you can in a row!

Action of Drill: Grab a partner and hit the court!

Line up at the foul line or 3 point line.

Get your partner to pass the ball to you quickly and then you shoot quickly… slower, however, than you normally shoot.

Once you miss hand the ball over to your partner and repeat.

Coaching Points: Look for shooting form, hard crisp passes, rebounds, speed, and all other fundamentals.

Up, Up and Away!

by J.G.
(Texas, USA)

Shooting Basketball

Shooting Basketball


Objective of Drill: Run the ball up to the ark, then fake left and pass right.

Then, your teammate should fake the three and run to field goal position and pass back.

Then you run up and you throw the ball and act like you got fouled

Four Corner Pass

by H.J.
(Kochchikade, Sri Lanka)

Basketball Pass

Basketball Pass


Objective of Drill: Train passing and footwork

Action of Drill: In the half court put some players in all four corners.

Then in one corner one player cross the other corner to the front of his corner while passing it back

Lay Up Shots

by K.G.
(New York, USA)

Basketball Layup

Basketball Layup


Objective of Drill: To make as many lay up shots as possible in one minute.

Action of Drill: Start at corner of foul line and run, do a lay up, rebound your shot and go to the opposite corner.

Repeat until the minute is up.

Coaching Points: Try to practice this on your own time.

You could really get good at rebounding and lay ups all at the same time.

The Gauntlet

by Ben
(Hollywood, FL, USA)


Objective of Drill: This is a great drill for building leg muscles because it alternates between working the quads and calves.

Action of Drill: Cones are place along a 100 meter stretch of the track in 25 meter intervals.

The team starts at the 50 meter mark and does slow lunges until the first cone.

They then backpedal on their toes until the 75 meter cone.

They then get into a defensive slide position and quickly slide back to the first cone.

Upon hitting the first cone, the team must jump on their toes 30 times and then turn and sprint the entire 100 meters to the farthest cone.

Coaching Points: This drill can be done in the gym, but it works best on a track or some type of field.

Adapt the procedures as you see fit.

It transitions well to the gym almost as a suicide drill using the mid-court line as the start, then the baselines, and foul lines.

It could also be followed by free throw shooting.

3 Minute Drill



Set the timer for 3 minutes.

Players have 1 minute to run from the baseline to the opposite baseline and back, 3 times.

****It is recommended to run 3 down & backs within 40 seconds, and have 20 seconds to rest.****

After 1 minute is over, they run from the baseline to the opposite baseline and back 3 times, again.

****Again, aim for 40 seconds running, 20 seconds rest.****

After the minute is over, the last round is up. They have 1 minute to run 3 down & backs.

This drill sounds easy, but it is NOT. It requires mental toughness, and stamina. This will wear your players out. Perfect drill for conditioning.

If the players cannot complete the drill within the time period, make the players run it again. Remind them that how much it hurts now, will be nothing compared to how much it will hurt if they have to do it again.