The Gauntlet

by Ben
(Hollywood, FL, USA)


Objective of Drill: This is a great drill for building leg muscles because it alternates between working the quads and calves.

Action of Drill: Cones are place along a 100 meter stretch of the track in 25 meter intervals.

The team starts at the 50 meter mark and does slow lunges until the first cone.

They then backpedal on their toes until the 75 meter cone.

They then get into a defensive slide position and quickly slide back to the first cone.

Upon hitting the first cone, the team must jump on their toes 30 times and then turn and sprint the entire 100 meters to the farthest cone.

Coaching Points: This drill can be done in the gym, but it works best on a track or some type of field.

Adapt the procedures as you see fit.

It transitions well to the gym almost as a suicide drill using the mid-court line as the start, then the baselines, and foul lines.

It could also be followed by free throw shooting.