How To Build a Business Like We Did w/ Basketball Plays & Tips

We’ve always wanted to build a business and work from home.

We built our site because of our love of the game of BB and our desire to use some of our expertise to help others who are learning the game. How we came to build it is the story we’d like to share here.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a way to build a business where you can work from home on the internet, this is for you. We’ll share how we’ve done it and how easy it could be for you if you’d like to. If you dream of leaving your job and being free of the boss, read on.

By the way, if you don’t care about building your own online business through a passion of yours, this should be interesting for you if you just want to know how this site came to be.

Anyway, we’ve always had a desire to build a business and work from home. Being able to earn a decent living on our own terms without rush hour traffic twice a day and no boss always sounded attractive. We tried many business opportunities without success.

But back in May ’04, we decided to investigate how it would be possible to build a business online and eventually we stumbled onto something that helped us create the site you’re reading now.

The Beginning

Since we didn’t know the first thing about what it took, we began searching online for any helpful info. We found many so-called “build a business” opportunities. If you have a desire to build yourself an online business and performed a Google search, we’re sure you’ve come across them, also.

We didn’t know what we were doing so we bought an ebook & a “build a business” system from one guy for a few hundred bucks. It turned out he was teaching people how to build sites that taught other people how to build “internet marketing” sites that would in turn teach people the same thing.

We tried. We even got a site up called (don’t bother looking for it as we’ve taken it down). Anyway, we researched internet marketing, wrote some articles on keyword research, buying a site name, etc. and put the site up.

And then we realized three major flaws in our plan. First, we had no clue or experience when it came to internet marketing. As a matter of fact, we didn’t even like the subject. Who wants to try to build a business you don’t even enjoy?

Second, there were countless marketing “gurus” we were competing with who did know what they were doing.

Third, we found out that buying a $2 name and throwing up a website didn’t mean anything. There was no traffic to the site. We had no idea how to get the site into the search engines so people could actually find it!

“Build it & they will come” doesn’t work online.

Re-thinking our Approach

So, we sat back, breathed in a bit and thought about what we were doing. The original goal was to find a way to build a business where we could work from home and eventually be free from our jobs. We had gotten side-tracked by all the “get-rich-quick” internet marketing guys.

We needed to find a way to build a site on a subject we knew and loved. But how?

The Solution

The answer came finally in December ’04, six long & frustrating months after our first research had begun. We came across a site called Site BuildIt! (SBI). It was a long site to read. But we were eager to find something that worked, so we read it.

Actually, we had found it during the summer of ’04, but didn’t pay attention as we were working hard on that ridiculous site 😉

So in December we stumbled across it again and were just in a different mindset (feeling defeated) and gave it a good read. This time we noticed something we missed the first time. These guys had the “background” tools that would get us listed in the search engines.


Our first failure at least prepared us to recognize something different when we saw it. All these other “gurus” we had been trying to follow had nothing like this.

As we read further, we realized that they would do all the work of submitting the site to the search engines and would provide us all the technical tools website building took (that we had no clue how to do).

They said all we had to concentrate on was finding a subject we loved and spend all our time writing about it. Then we would just put that writing into their software, they would do the technical stuff and our site would be up.

And people would find it in the free search engines!

Our next thought? – “We’re not writers. How can we write well even if we do love basketball?” Then we found they had a free Netwriting Masters Course to help with that, too!

It sounded great. We were still a bit leary based on our past experiences with the “online crowd” but they offered a lot of info to help us decide. Their free Affiliate Masters Course was a great resource for us.

One thing that stood out was they were honest about the fact that you’re building a business and that it’s not about “get-rich-quick”. How refreshing. Honesty!

Then they had case studies of other Site BuildIt! (SBI) sites. We could actually see that this had worked for others. The subjects were endless… rock music, cats, electronics, weight-loss, cooking, cars, self-help, fitness, weddings, hair loss, finances, divorce…

We saw all kinds of people and subjects having success with this thing.

Finally we figured, “If they can do this, we can do this and what do we have to lose at this point anyway?”

In January of ’05, we bought their package, started reading something they call the Action Guide and followed their directions on researching our topic. Then, in Feb ’05 the site you’re on now was started.

And we’ve had a blast ever since. Over time, we’re building a successful online business from home around our love of basketball and helping others. What could be better?

And that traffic they promised us? We get anywhere from 15,000-20,000 basketball coaches and players visiting us every month (and growing) because we can actually be found! That’s a far cry from the big, fat goose-egg our first site attracted 😉

And we’re the total opposite of what we thought was necessary to build a website – technically brilliant! Nope, we’re two internet dummies that were saved by Site BuildIt! (SBI).

Bottom line, if you’ve read this far, you’re probably like us and you’re dreaming of doing the same thing around a passion you have. If so, we highly recommend you check Site BuildIt! (SBI) out. We believe you’ll be as happy as we are that we did.

Will you get rich overnight and quit your job tomorrow? No, but if you just build your site in your spare time, then over time you’ll get there. And you’ll be doing something you have a passion for! Or, you might know someone who’d love to build a business from home.

Maybe you could be the next one to go from Zero2Hero online! We still think that name was cool 😉

P.S. If you read through everything and still have questions, you can ask SBI! any question you have and they’ll be happy to help you build a business that works.