Basketball Agility Drills and Quickness Drills

You should be happy. You’ve found the only basketball agility drills resource you need.

Since basketball players are always starting, stopping, changing directions and changing speeds, it’s important to work on having great basketball skills like agility, quickness and footwork.

On this page, you’ll find the quickness and agility drills you need to better this area of your overall game.

Imagine yourself getting quicker day by day and flying by all those defenders as you move in for the kill and score that winning hoop at the buzzer!

Everyone is cheering and they’re cheering for you and your awesome basketball skills.

Take the time to invest in these drills and that kind of reality is really not that far off for you.

Just like everything you find on our site, if you really want it and work hard at it, you will improve your overall quickness and agility. Now get to work!

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Quickness and Agility Drills

Rope Jumping Drills:

Agility Drill #1) Speed Rope Jumping

Jump as quickly as possible for one minute. Rest 30 seconds and start again. Do 3 sets while keeping track of how many jumps you make in each set.

Basketball Agility Drill #2) Square Rope Jumping

As you jump rope, jump in the shape of a square. Do 2 one minute sets with a 30 second rest in between.

Basketball Agility Drill #3) Line Rope Jumping

Jump over a line both forward and backward as you jump rope for one minute. Keep count of how many jumps you make. Next, place your feet parallel to the line and jump over it going from side-to-side for a minute. Keep count once again.

Basketball Agility Drill #4) Alternate Feet

Jump as quickly as you can for one minute by jumping twice on your right foot and then twice on your left foot. Do 2
sets with a 30 second break in between.

Basketball Agility Drill #5) 3 Jumps, then Double Jump

Jump 3 times, then do a double jump. Do 2 sets of one
minute with a 30 second rest in between.

Foot Quickness Workout: (do each of the following drills for 30 seconds with a 15 second break in between each one.
Go through the whole workout twice)

Basketball Agility Drill #6) Slalom

Tape a letter “V” on the floor with a width of three to four feet at the top of the “V”. Keep your hands up in a ready position as you do this drill. Starting at the base, jump from side-to-side with your feet close together and always land outside the tape. Jump forward to the top of the “V” and then jump backward to the base of the “V”.

Basketball Agility Drill #7) “U” Jump

Tape the shape of a cross on the floor. Start in the upper right-hand corner. Jump down, across and up without touching a line. From the upper left-hand corner, jump down, across and up. As you jump in this “U” letter shape, keep your hands up in the ready position.

Basketball Agility Drill #8) Heel Clicks

Tape two parallel lines on the floor one to two feet apart. Begin with your right foot outside the right line and your left foot outside the left line. Jump in the air, click your heels together (there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home!) and land outside the tape. Keep your hands up and concentrate on quickness rather than height as you jump.

Basketball Agility Drill #9) Toe Touch

Keep the same two lines from #8 and start in the same position. Jump in the air and land inside the lines with your feet next to each other. Quickly jump again so your feet land outside the lines. Keep your hands up and always land inside and outside the lines.

Basketball Agility Drill #10) Long Jump

Tape a six-foot strip on the floor. Start at the base of the tape and long-jump as far as you can. Use your arms to provide additional power. After landing, shuffle backward to the base of the tape and repeat.

Agility Drill 11) Lateral Jumps

Tape a strip to the floor. Jump over the line going from side-to-side using your right foot. Repeat using your left foot. Do not touch the line and always keep your hands up.

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