Bowflex Extreme 2 Review

What a fantastic piece of exercise equipment the “Bowflex Extreme 2” is! If you’re interested in developing your upper and lower body, then take a serious look at the “Extreme 2”.

According to the good folks at Bowflex, you can do up to 70exercises with the “Bowflex Extreme 2”. They’re not kidding. Getting inworkouts that include exercises such as bench presses, bicepcurls, seated shoulder presses, triceps, leg curls, leg kicksreally is a breeze.

There’s just a lot you can do and plenty of areas to focus on.The only negative there is you can get caught up in tryingto do everything available. You need to get it downto enough exercises that give you a good workout. Focus on the areas you’re trying to improve but don’t get overwhelmed.

As opposed to working with free weights, the nice thing aboutthe “Bowflex Extreme 2” machine is that each workout movement feels more smooth. This piece of exercise equipment really helps you extend properly and buildmuscle correctly. Although to be fair, if bulk is what you’retrying to achieve, the free weights may exceed the “BowflexExtreme 2’s” potential.

As far as the exercise machine itself, it’s fairly easy to put together(will most likely take a couple hours or so to assemble). It’salso quite sturdy. No plastic parts, all metal. The rods adjusteasily and the bar and leg attachment are quality parts. Over-all,a nice compact piece of exercise equipment.

Miscellaneous points:

You might want to consider using the Bowflex planning book. Theyhave a simple plan for proper eating habits that definitely aid the results of the exercises themselves. Remember that a big part of exercise success is what you put in your body, not just the exercise workout part!

The DVD that comes with this Bowflex machine is helpful in showing you all the possibilities that are available.

Basically, whether you want to focus on over-all fitness or workon specific muscle groups to help you run faster, jump higher,add strength, etc, the “Bowflex Extreme 2” will have no problemsdelivering for you.

Have fun!