Basketball Rebounding Drills Page 2

You’ll find basketball rebounding drills 1-12 on our first rebounding drills page.

Let’s get into some more basketball drills to help take your hops to new heights!

Basketball Rebounding Drills

Basketball Rebounding Drill #13
Hit Glass & Ground
Start this basketball rebounding drill right under the backboard and to the side of the hoop. Hold onto the ball with two hands, jump up and bang the ball on the glass. Keep holding the ball and as you land, bend down and bang the basketball on the ground. Repeat this action quickly over and over. Over time, try to increase your jumping height.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #14
Rebound & Break

Set up four lines. Two lines are at the sideline on each side of the free throw line extended. The other two lines are under the basket. The coach will be the shooter and stands at the foul line.

The first players in each “under the basket” line step out to the foul line to defend the shot. As the coach shoots the basketball, these two players block out and get the rebound. The rebounder then throws an outlet pass to one of the sideline players. The player not getting the rebound gets back to defend the fast break with the other sideline player who didn’t get the pass. This gives you a 2 defenders on 1 fast break situation. Now, have each player rotate to the end of the line to their right and repeat the basketball rebounding drill with the next players in line.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #15
Box Out

You can do this basketball rebounding drill at the foul line circle or mid-court circle. Position two players inside the circle with their backs to each other. The other players line up around the circle. On the coach’s signal, the two players inside the circle begin to push against one another, trying to get the other player out of the circle.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #16
Pass, Shoot, Box, Block

This basketball rebounding drill takes four players, a passer, a shooter and 2 rebounders. The passer stands on one side of the foul line while the shooter is on the other side of the foul line. The 2 rebounders are under the basket.

Start the drill by having the passer pass to the shooter. The shooter should shoot without dribbling, but can dribble once only if they want. The two rebounders fight for the ball. Whoever gets it kicks the ball back to the passer, who then passes to the shooter for another shot. Whichever rebounder didn’t get the ball should come out to defend the shot, then get back for the rebound. After ten shots, rotate and do the basketball drill again until.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #17
Circle Box Out

Variation of Basketball Rebounding Drill #15. Position two players on the mid-court circle line (or foul line circle) with their backs to one another. This time, a basketball is placed in the middle of the circle. The player facing the ball must try to keep the outside player from getting inside the circle and grabbing the basketball. The outside player must get the ball without diving for it. You must back up the inside player to reach the ball.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #18
Put Back Drill

Part of your rebounding skills should include the ability to grab the rebound and then put the ball back up and in on offense. This basketball rebounding drill will help improve that skill.

This is a one minute basketball drill. Position yourself about 3-4 feet back from the basket. In one minute, try to make as many underneath shots as possible. Grab the ball after every shot and put it right back in without letting it hit the floor. One dribble may be necessary to get set, but limit it to the one.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #19
Over the Head Drill

This basketball drill will help your rebounding, put backs and conditioning all at the same time. The players each have a basketball and face the wall with the ball held over the head in both hands (as if grabbing a rebound). The coach uses a timer (some teams start with 5 minutes, some 4 minutes).

On the coach’s signal, the players jump up and down in place with the ball staying raised above the head. When the timer reaches zero, the players leave the basketballs where they stand and then run a horse. When that’s done, they return to the wall and repeat the basketball drill for 1 minute less than the starting time (if you started with 5 min, now do 4 min, etc). Repeat the basketball drill until you finish with a 1 minute session.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #20
Constant Put-Back

Line up the players out of bounds under the basket. The first 3 players in line start the drill. One player is on offense, the other two are defenders. The offensive players tries to make “around the basket” shots while the defenders make it difficult by raising their hands and pushing the scorer. The pushing shouldn’t be too aggressive, just enought to make the shot more difficult.

The offensive player can’t dribble or travel. Whether the shot is made or not, he must grab the rebound and go right back up. There are no stops in this basketball rebounding drill, constant motion. After 5 shots, the offensive player goes to the end of the line, one of the defenders goes on offense and the first player in line becomes a defender.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #21
Reaction Drill

One player is on the three point line with the ball. A second player lies face down on the foul line with head turned toward shooter. The player with the ball shoots a three pointer. As soon as the ball leaves the hands, the foul line player jumps up, goes for the rebound, must catch the ball before it hits the ground and then make a shot from that spot.

If the player doesn’t catch the ball, penalize like this:
– Ten push-ups if the ball isn’t touched before hitting the ground
– Five push-ups if the ball is touched before hitting the ground
– Three push-ups if the ball is caught but the shot is missed.

Whatever happens, now the players switch positions and repeat the basketball drill.


Basketball Rebounding Drill #22
Wide Rebound

Begin on the left block, throw the ball off the board, then jump wide for the rebound so you land with both feet outside the lane. Repeat this basketball drill 5-10 times on each side.