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This is where you’ll discover some of the best motivational and inspirational basketball quotes from some of the best basketball coaches in history!

Don’t you wish you could have been coached or mentored as a coach by the likes of John Wooden, Mike Krzyzewski, Pat Riley, Bobby Knight, Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, etc?

Well, you may not have had direct contact with these great basketball motivators and teachers, but you always have access to the wisdom they imparted on all of us by reading their coach quotes.

It’s been said that experience can be gained two ways: either through your own experiences or through the experiences of others.

Gaining basketball knowledge and wisdom from the experiences of some of the game’s best just makes sense.

So buckle up and enjoy the following basketball quotes given us by great coaches. You’ll be gaining that all important knowledge or motivation that just might help you take your game to the next level.

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Basketball Coach Quotes

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John Wooden Quotes
Inspirational John Wooden Quotes… Get Ready to Learn About Character Through John Wooden Quotes.

Mike Krzyzewski Quotes
Coach K Quotes… Mike Krzyzewski Quotes… Gain Inspiratiion for Your Game by Reading Mike Krzyzewski Quotes.

Phil Jackson Quotes
Zen-Like Phil Jackson Quotes…
Dive Into the Following Phil Jackson Quotes and Receive Spiritual as Well as Basketball Insight.

Red Auerbach Quotes
Quality Red Auerbach Quotes… Read Red Auerbach Quotes and Learn From the Man Behind 8 Straight Celtic Championships.

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Jim Valvano Quotes
Great Jim Valvano Quotes… Become Emotional, Inspired, and Ready to Play With Jim Valvano Quotes and the Thoughts His Words Evoke.

Pat Riley Quotes
Powerful Pat Riley Quotes… Become Better at Basketball Through Pat Riley Quotes… Learn Importance of Motivation, Discipline, Positive Attitude, etc.

Bobby Knight Quotes
Inspiring Bobby Knight Quotes… Listen to Bobby Knight Quotes and Hear His Emotional and Motivational Words.