Defensive Basketball Drills Page 2

These defensive basketball drills expand on the first twelve drills you’ll find on our first page of drills for defense.

Defensive Basketball Drill #13
Chase Drill
The coach stands on the foul line with one player in each corner of the baseline (where it meets the sideline). The coach then passes, puts the ball down, rolls, or throws the ball upward toward the hoop at the far end and yells ‘go’ to signal the two players to sprint toward the ball. Whoever gets it first is on offense and plays one-on-one against the defender at the basket. After the score or rebound, the players switch roles and head back to the starting basket to play one-on-one again. Emphasize that the defender must get to the lane or paint quickly for good position to play one-on-one.

Defensive Basketball Drill #14
Clogging the Passing Lane
This is a good defensive drill for practicing the art of intercepting the pass and getting out on the fast break.

Break up the team into groups of two on two. The defensive player on the offensive player without the ball should get into a proper defensive position while focusing his attention on the passer. Maintain about a two to three step space between the man being guarded.

As soon as the pass is made, make a break on the basketball, make the steal and take it down the court on the fast break. As soon as the ball is intercepted, the formerly offensive players should get back on defense and try to thwart the easy lay-up.