Our 2nd Page of Basketball Passing Drills

Here we expand on the 12 basketball passing
drills you can find on our first page.

Basketball Passing Drill #13
Step & Pass
Good drill for two players to work on together. One player starts under the basket and the other at the out-of-bounds line at the endline so they’re facing each other. The players start to side-step down the court, passing the basketball to one another every couple of steps or so. Work on your bounce pass, over-the-head pass and chest pass. You can also line up the whole team at the two lines and stagger the players down the court and then back again.


Basketball Passing Drill #14
Complete Press
Two players start on offense under the basket. Eight players are on defense: two cover the area from the endline to the foul line extended, two cover the area between the foul line extended and midcourt, two cover between midcourt and the opposite foul line extended and two cover between the opposite foul line extended and the opposite end line.

The two offensive players move the ball up the court with an emphasis on making good passes. The defenders cover their area when the offensive players enter it, then stop defending when the ball leaves their area. The defenders play man and try to double-team when they can.


Basketball Passing Drill #15
Chest Pass
Position Player 1 at midcourt with the ball. Player 2 stands at the midcourt sideline and Player 3 is at the opposite midcourt sideline. Player 1 starts the drill by making a chest pass out to Player 2 at the sideline. Player 2 then passes the basketball back to Player 3 who then dribbles, turns and passes out to Player 3. Continue the drill like this for a couple minutes, then put a new player in the middle. Be sure all passes are chest passes.

Variation – Run the drill with bounce passes and overhead passes.


Basketball Passing Drill #16
Push It Up the Floor
Player 1 starts under the basket and passes out to Player 2 at the top of the key. Player 2 then pushes the ball quickly up the middle of the floor as Player 1 sprints around and past Player 2. As Player 2 reaches the opposite foul line, he calls out “One!” or “Two!”.

If “one” is called, Player 1 cuts to the basket to receive a bounce pass and then put in the lay-up. If “two” is called, Player 1 moves out to receive a chest pass and shoots a baseline jumper.

Whichever shot is called, Player 2 moves in for the rebound as Player 1 sets up at the top of the key. Player 2 passes out to Player 1 and the drill repeats with the roles now reversed.


Basketball Passing Drill #17
Chest Pass Wall Drill
This is a one person drill and you’ll begin it with two basketballs. Start about 15 feet from a wall and make a chest pass. The ball will come back to you as a bounce pass. As the basketball hits the ground, throw another chest pass at the wall with the 2nd ball. Keep this action going.

If you’d like, you can eventually move up to using three basketballs. You’ll get into a rhythm where one ball hits the wall, one hits the floor and one is released by you. For added difficulty, move closer to the wall or even try adding a 4th basketball.


Basketball Passing Drill #18
Beat the Press
Play 5 on 5 but without dribbling. In order to move the ball up the court, you must use passes, mainly chest and bounce passes. Players need to emphasize coming back to the ball, setting up good screens and making good cuts.


Basketball Passing Drill #19
Bad Pass
Position Player 1 at the top of the key with Player 2 in the low post. Have Player 2 make a move toward the basket as Player 1 makes a deliberate bad pass. Player 2 must catch the basketball, gain control and shoot a lay-up or short jumper. Have Player 2 pass back out to Player 1 and repeat. After 5 reps, switch roles.

Variation – Make the bad pass from the low post player out to the player at the top of the key, then practice longer jumpers or even 3-pointers.


Basketball Passing Drill #20
3 on 2 No Dribble Lay-ups
Position two defenders around the top of the key. The rest of the team is set up in three lines at midcourt (one on each wing and one in the middle). The first 3 offensive players attempt to go in for a lay-up but can’t dribble. Their penetration must be accomplished with passes only. This will teach the offense to make quick reads and passes.


Basketball Passing Drill #21
Around the Post
Set up a wing and post player on each side of the key (4 total players) and then set up 2 lines at the top of the key (1 line on each side of the court). The first player in each line at the top of the key has a basketball.

The drill starts with the first player in each “top of the key” line passing out to the wing on their side (chest pass). The wings then pass into the post player on their side (lob or bounce pass). The post players then kick it back out to the next player in the “top of the key” line on their side.

The two players who started the drill have now moved out to the wing, the original wing players have moved into the post and the post players run to the end of the “top of the key” lines. Now repeat drill.


Basketball Passing Drill #22
Fast Break Lob
This basketball passing drill will help simulate a lob pass over the defender on a fast break opportunity. Set up two lines at the baseline, one on each side of the hoop. The first player in one line has the ball and starts at the baseline. The first player in the other line starts the drill out at the foul line.

The players begin by running quickly down the court. When the player with the basketball gets to the foul line, he/she should throw a lob pass out to the 2nd player (who is probably at about mid-court). The pass should go up and over the imaginary defender. The 2nd player catches the ball and then goes in for the lay-up. Have the players switch roles going in the other direction. Then the next two players in line repeat the drill.

You can also try adding a defender on the player receiving the pass so the passer really learns how to get the ball up and over the defender.