1-4 Offense / 1-4 Formation Basketball Plays

Here you’ll find offensive basketball plays utilizing the 1-4 offense formation. Just follow the key to understand the diagrams and follow along with the text descriptions.

Practice, practice, practice until you can run these plays in your sleep. Only after hours and hours of perfect practice will you be ready to DOMINATE!


1 = Point Guard

2 = Wing

3 = Wing

4 = Post

5 = Post

Red Dotted Arrow = a pass

Black Straight or Squiggly Arrows = player movement

Each 1-4 offense play is separated by a horizontal line running across the page.

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1-4 Offense Formation: High


1-4 Offense
Begin with basic 1-4 alignment.

1-4 Offense
1 has 3 options on this 1-4 offense play

1st Option: Pass to 4 in high post if defender is behind 4.

(you can run this to either side)

(Option 1 cont.)

2 cuts by 4 and looks for the pass.

5 creates screen for 3 as 3 and 1 rotate to strongside.

(Option 1 cont.)
2 will head towards basket and hook back for pass from 4 if 1st pass not there. If 2nd pass unavailable, 2 cuts through key to weakside wing position.

5’s options – Cut to hoop for pass or go back to high post position.

4 can also pass to 3 & reset offense.

2nd Option for 1

1 dribbles around screens set up by 4 and 5.

2 heads to hoop for possible pass from 1. If no pass, 2 cuts to corner.

4 goes to basket and looks for pass as 3 slides into corner.

Option 2 cont.

If 1 can’t pass to 2 or 4, 4 gains inside position in low post while 1 passes over to 5.

5 can now pass to 4 for shot attempt.

3rd Option for 1

1 makes slight move, then passes to 2 as 4 cuts to hoop for pass from 2.

3 takes 1’s place at top of key as 1 makes move to weakside.

5 cuts through high post key area.

Option 3 cont.
If 2 doesn’t hit 4 with the pass, 5 sets up screen so 2 can cut to basket for lay-up.

4 cuts through lane to clear out for 2’s cut.

1 takes up position near foul line for pass from 2 if lay-up is taken away.

1-4 Offense Formation: High 2


High 2
1 dribbles left towards wing (could also dribble right).

4 sets screen for 2.

2 uses screen to reach high post and receive pass from 1.

High 2
2 has option to take jumper.

If shot isn’t there, 2 can pass to 4 who has cut across the lane towards the basket.

5 creates screen for 3.

3 uses screen to set up to receive possible pass from 2.

High 2
2 passes to 3, then sets up screen for 1.

1 uses screen to set up at top of key.

4 clears lane as 5 replaces 4 in low post.

High 2
Options for 3 – shoot, drive to hoop for lay-up or pass to 5.

If neither option is open, 3 can kick ball back to 1 as 4 and 5 get in position to set up the 1-4 formation. Can then run your 1-4 offense again.

1-4 Offense Formation: Low


4 and 5 take their defenders to low posts while 2 and 3 take their’s into the corners.

The idea here is to open a lane for 1 to drive to the basket for a lay-up attempt.

1 makes the move to the basket.

2 takes 1’s place at top of key in case getting back on defense is necessary.

1 has to be aware of how 3’s defender reacts to the play. If 3’s defender stays with 3, 1 makes the lay-up attempt.

If 3’s defender moves out to help defend 1’s drive, 3 needs to slide over quickly to get open for pass from 1.

3 can take open 3-point shot or make drive to hoop.

1-4 Offense Formation: 42


2 and 3 curl towards middle of court around screens set by 4 and 5.

One option for 1 is to drive through middle towards hoop.

2 and 3 continue through middle and end up switching sides as 4 and 5 once again set up screens for them.

Once 4 and 5 complete their screens, they post up, try to seal off their defenders and look for possible pass from 1.

1 has 4 options: Either hit 2 or 3 for jump shots or hit 4 or 5 in the low posts.

In this case, 1 passes to 3 and then sets screen for 2.

If 3’s shot is taken away, 2 may have come open off the screen or 5 may have sealed his man and is open underneath.