Great Basketball Quotes That’ll Offer You Inspiration & Motivation

The Great Basketball Quotes Section of Basketball Plays and Tips is designed to give you the inspiration you sometimes need when your confidence is low, or you just need a “pick-me-up” mentally.

When you can read the motivating and encouraging words from great, legendary coaches such as John Wooden, Bobby Knight, or Phil Jackson, it helps you reach down within yourself and find the inner drive you need to play your best.

Obviously, the same can be said when you read inspirational and great basketball quotes from great players like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Shaq, and, of course, Michael Jordan.

Just so you know, we’ll focus on basketball, but if we find inspirational and motivational quotes from greats in other sports or even outside of sports altogether, we won’t hesitate to bring those to you also.

Enjoy the powerful basketball words and messages we link you to below!

Great Basketball Quotes

Inspirational Basketball Quotes
Effective Inspirational Basketball Quotes. Use the Following Inspirational Basketball Quotes to Put You in the Right Mental State That’ll Improve Your Basketball “Game”.

Special Motivational Quotes for Basketball
Discover Self Motivational Quotes for Basketball Taken Not Only From Basketball Greats But Also Over-All Life Achievers.

Hilarious Basketball Quotes
Absolutely Hilarious Basketball Quotes. Need a Break and a Laugh… Read Our Hilarious Basketball Quotes and Get Away From the Grind for a Little While.

Basketball Sayings and Quotes
Powerful Basketball Sayings and Quotes. Uncover Basketball Sayings and Quotes That’ll Encourage, Inspire, and Humor You.

Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings
Become Inspired Through Motivational Basketball Quotes and Sayings. Improve Your Self Confidence and Motivation Now.

Basketball Coach Quotes
Fantastic Basketball Coach Quotes From John Wooden, Mike Krzyzewski, Pat Riley, Bobby Knight, Phil Jackson, Red Auerbach, etc.

Free Basketball Quotes
Find Free Basketball Quotes Here. What Could be Better Than Free Basketball Quotes?

Superhero Basketball Quotes
Collection of Superhero Basketball Quotes From Likes of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Kareem, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Bill Russell, Dr. J, etc.

Basketball Motivative Quotes
Gain Encouragement and Motivation Through Basketball Motivative Quotes. When Self Confidence is Lacking, Basketball Motivative Quotes Can be the Answer to Bringing it Back.

Kentucky Basketball Quotes
Discover a Collection of Kentucky Basketball Quotes From Tubby Smith and Others.

Effective Basketball Player Quotes
Outstanding Basketball Player Quotes. Read Inspiring Basketball Player Quotes and Lift Your Spirits as Well as Your Basketball Skills.