Winning Basketball Drills To Help Improve Your Skills

Basketball drills are one of the true secrets to your success on the basketball court.

We’ve gathered some of the best drills available to make sure you achieve thequality skills you need. If you and your team develop basketball skills superior to your competition’s, success is there for the taking.

But, if you truly desire to improve your game and become a top basketball player or to coach a top team, there are no shortcuts. Through hard work and dedication, winners are born.

Coaches – Help your players identify where they need to improve. Then help them learn these drills andencourage them to work at it.

When your players are working on their basketball drills, pay close attention to theirbasketball fundamentals like dribbling and footwork.

The most importantthing is not letting your basketball players become lax on one fundamental just because the current drill is focusing on another.

It’s also important to not let the drills become monotonous. The basketball drills should vary from day to day. Also, don’t continue one drill for too long during any one practice session. This will help avoid any loss of concentration.

Keep your practices and drills going in an organized manner, get players tomaster each drill’s execution and use constructive criticism when making any necessary corrections.

Players – Focus on the areas of your game that need improvement and invest the time to improve. On this page you’ll find plenty of drills to help you achieve improved basketball skills.

Focus and visualize your success. Be sure to utilize your time wisely… Especially those off-season summer months. Combine the following basketball drills with your hard work and the next time you’re on the court, be ready for thecheers!

basketball drills
basketball plays

We’re honored that Tom Nordland (creator of the “Swish” videos) has agreed to contribute a “How to improve your shooting skills” article series to our site.
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Shooting Drills #1

Shooting Drills #2

Passing Drills #1

Passing Drills #2

Ball Handling Drills #1

Ball Handling Drills #2

Rebounding Drills #1

Rebounding Drills #2

Fast Break Drills

Defensive Drills #1

Defensive Drills #2

Big Man Drills

Youth Drills

Transition Drills


Warm-up Drills

Conditioning Drills

Combination Drills

Quickness & Agility Drills

Dribbling Fundamentals
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Basketball Rebounding Skills
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Defending the Ball
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