Use These Basketball Shooting Tips To Score More Points

Basketball Shooting Tips

Ready to divide and conquer with the help of the following basketball shooting tips?

Good, because we’ve got some stuff here to help both players and coaches get a good handle on ways to improve putting the ball through that hoop.

Even though there is quite a bit to master when it comes to the game of basketball, if you can’t score more than the other guy, that championship trophy will be hard to win. Do everything you can to increase how many shots you make and that trophy won’t be so hard to bring home.

So if you’re a player in need of quality

or you’re a coach looking for some new ways to teach your team the finer points of shooting the ball, you’re on the right page.

We’ve decided to just list the basketball shooting tips in no particular order. So just scroll through until you find what you’re looking for.

Happy hunting!


Basketball Shooting Tips

1) Set up with foot opposite the shooting hand a little in front of the other.

2) Always keep your eye on your target. Focus on the front top of the rim.

3) Keep the ball close to your body with your chest high and elbows in.

4) Bend knees slightly.

5) Don’t let the ball rest on your palm. Let it rest on your fingertips like you’re carrying a waiter’s tray.

6) Keep your shoulders square to the basket and maintain good balance.

7) Keep your guide-hand just that – a guide. Just let it rest comfortably at the side of the ball.

8) Have good control of your fingertips. Let the ball come off your fingertips for a nice, “light” shot.

9) Create a good backspin. The ball will roll off your fingertips if you follow through correctly. In your follow through, extend your elbow and snap your wrist. This creates the proper backspin.

10) Keep the back of your hand toward your face and palms faced toward the hoop.

11) When the ball leaves your hand, keep your head moving up and directly towards the hoop.

12) Keep a medium arch to your shot. Not too high and not a straight arrow. Arch!

13) Use your legs for power.

14) Achieve quickness through proper wrist action and fingertip control.

15) In order to select the proper shots, get to know your range and skill.

16) Don’t keep experimenting with your shooting form. Find what works and then develop it.

17) Always practice your shots at game speed.

18) Take shots you’re most likely to face in a real game – invest more of your time developing these shots.

19) If you don’t develop the proper quickness to your shots, there is a very good possibility you’ll be blocked.

20) Know when to take the shot. If you can’t finish the shot with your head moving up and slightly forward and your shoulders squared away, you might generally want to re-think that shot attempt.