Truck and Trailer

by Martin Conroy
(Laois, Ireland)

Basketball Down Court

Basketball Down Court


Objective of Drill: Fast Break Basketball Drill

Action of Drill: 5 players line up at one baseline.

#1 goes full court lay up and then free throw line extended for outlet.

#2 follows #1 and rebounds and then outlets to #1.

#3 hits the foul line in the opposite front court and then hits the spot where the halfway line meets the sideline.

#1 then passes to #3.

While this is happening #4 in the line goes baseline to baseline on the weak side for pass or rebound.

#5 hits the half way line then sprints to the corner and gets the pass from #3.

#5 then either shoots or passes.

All players follow in for the rebound.

Coaching Points: Make sure all the players are pushing themselves.

Good passing and moving.

Try to rebound the ball before it hits the floor.

Give 1 point for the first lay up, 2 points for the shot from the corner and an extra point for the rebound if the ball does not touch the floor.