Basketball Drill: 3,4 reverse

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


1 will pass the ball to 2 or 5 ,3 will come around court ,4 will go the other way then 2 take the shot

The Best Basketball Shooting Drill – Advice I Can Give You

by Henry Owens




I don’t believe in “right” shooting. There is no such thing.

I believe in a basketball shooting drill that involves training your legs, eyes, arms, mind combined with practice and experience.

The most important thing, if I can boil it down, in developing shooting skills is practice.

That is THE most important basketball shooting drill.


by malik singletary
(new york,ny,usa)



“When ever your having a bad game just vision that you are the best player and your team needs you right now!”

3 man weave

by Megan

basketball drill

basketball drill


You start at the baseline and make 3 lines one in the middle and one on each side.

the ball starts with the middle person they pass it to either side, after you pass it follow your pass by running behind the person you passed in to, continue up and down the court.

Example __1___2___3__ (Baseline lines one two and three)

2 passes it to 3.

2 runs behind and then forward.

while 3 passes it to 1, 2 is running to get the pass from 1 then 1 will run behind 2 while 2 passes it to 3. etc…

5 man weave

by Christopher


same stance as a 3 man weave, just add two extra slot to the left the middle passed the ball to the right then he go behind the person in the second slot runs out to middle and then you get the idea


by Rashida Lubenga
(Ottawa Ontario Canada)

Basketball Shooting Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills

This is how the rainbow drill works.

First u divide the team into two groups at the baseline with one group on the left side of the baseline behind the free throw line and the other group on the right side.

Once everything is set up, one person from the left side will run up to the free throw line and makes a move and then runs anywhere on the court and calls for the ball.

As soon as the person standing on the baseline passes the ball, they should run as fast as they can to defend the player about to shoot or make a layup.

After that, the opposite side does the same thing. Each person can at least go two times or three.

It’s basically like a pass and shoot kind of thing but it helps you move quick in the game.

Passing Ladder

by Rich Lundstrom
(Canton, SD)


Partner up, one on each baseline.

One partner starts with a ball.

The other girl sprints towards her catching a pass on the run (without stopping or slowing down).

She then continues with the ball, dribbling to the baseline then back to her own baseline.

On the trip back she will make a half court pass off the dribble to her partner.

She will continue running to the free throw line, turn and sprint and receive a “bomb” from her partner.

Then the other girl goes.

Basketball Drill: Three man weave


Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


There are three players…hence the name three man weave.

All three players start of at one end of the court, one on the left side, one in the middle and the last on the right side of the court.

The ball can start with either player and the player must then pass the ball to the furthest side of the court and then follow his pass and then the person with the ball passes the ball to the next person and then again follows his pass.

Continue this to the half way line.

Then the person with the ball at the half way line places the ball on the floor and moves into defense.

The two remaining players start with the ball at the half way line and try to finish at the hole.

This drill can be repeated a number of times and if there is more than three players, can be done in turns.

Chair Lay-ups Basketball Drill

by James Thomas
(Newark, N.J)

Basketball Drill

Basketball Drill


you put a chair at free throw line.

player sits in chair performs three dribble moves:

crossover, between the legs and in and out.

after performing each dribble move for a couple of seconds player explodes out of chair for right and left-handed lay-ups.

It teaches exploding to basket for lay-up and improving ball handling skills.

Extend Your Range Basketball Drill

by stephen

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


To extend your range beyond the 3-point line take 10 shots from the 3-pt line then move back a step and shoot 10 more.