Rebounding Basketball Drill

by Terrance

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


wen da team hit da ball off the backboard over and over

Loose Ball Chase Basketball Drill

by Coach Pat Anderson

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


Chasing hard after a loose ball and gaining control for an offensive chance is a great basketball drill to practice.

What you need ? You will start with three lines, at half court, and the coach will be standing at center court with the balls.

How this drill works?

Players in line one and two will be waiting for the coach to roll the ball. When the coach releases the ball (green), both players sprint after it.

When one player reaches the ball and gains control, the other player assumes a defensive position.

Once a side has gained possession, a player from line 3 (blue) enters the fray as the trailing player.

The player that has gained control of the ball can use the trailer to help them score a basket. A shot attempt must be made within 5 seconds of gaining control.

Otherwise, defenders will already be back and the opportunity lost.

This drill requires quick recovery and thinking skills on the part of the offense, and solid defensive skills for the defender.


Players will learn to capitalize on chances when they come on loose ball opportunities.

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flash 3-pointer shots basketball drill

by ugyen kelzang
(khaling, Bhutan)


Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


For this basketball drill, the players are lined in two sets facing each other.

one set of the players are lined at the 3-pointer line and the other set just below the hoop.

a player under the hoop chest passes the ball to a player at the 3-pointer line and instantly leaps onto the player attempting to block his shot.

the player at the line must quickly take hold of the ball and instantly take the 3-pointer shot before the other player blocks out his shot.

the players continue this drill taking turns and switching their positions.

it’s a test of both the players’ offensive and defensive reflexes!

Around the back cross pass basketball drill

by Nfiniti RaeAnn Pierce
(Decatur,GA,United States)


Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


You bounce the ball around your back.

Then, when it comes to the other hand cross pass either lay it up or make a jump shot.

MidCourt Looseball Basketball Drill

by Joe Foster
(Canandaigua, NY USA)

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


This was a drill when I played at Ithaca High School (40 years ago) under Coach Don Culligan.

We would line up out of bounds at half-court line.

Coach Culligan would stand out at center of court with ball.

He’d roll the ball a few feet towards top of the key.

Each player would have to hustle to ball….snatch it with two hands..then take it right in for the lay-up…

You couldn’t try to gain control by dribbling crazily.

You had to grab it with both hands before starting your dribble to the bucket. The purpose was to reduce the number of dribbles it took to take the ball to the hoop.

It resulted in many easy lay-ups.

Even if it wasn’t a situation where we could score…by snatching the ball with two hands all the time we got an awful lot of loose balls rather than kicking it away.

So many players try to do the old “Curly Neal” Globetrotters thing of trying to get possession by dribbling the ball when it is lying on the floor . The other team ends of with it or it gets knocked around… goes out of bounds, etc.

This is a wonderful drill whether you take it in all the way for a bucket or just get solid possession. Good-Luck!!

what ever basketball drill name you feel suits it best

basketball drills

basketball drills

This drill is when you place 6 basketball in the most common 6 positions on either side of the court that your players would shoot from.

Most likely at the posts positions the elbows the middle of the key and the foul line on either side of the court would work.

Then you set a low time limit for the players to shoot at all 12 spots (both sides of the court).

This will help the players shoot like they should in a game.

This also puts a time constraint on the player.

Then you can keep track of the most shots made by a player and have each player set a goal.

This drill enhances the accuracy as well as simulating game like conditions such as time.

I am actually a player and this is a drill my team has used.

4 Across Basketball Drill

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


This basketball drill is to be run with the wings at the far sides by the 3 point line and the posts are to be up on the foul line at either elbow.

The POINT will then pass to a post and the wing on that side will cut to the basket and then the post will pass to the wing and a lay-up will be scored.

If the ball is passed to either wing the post from that side will screen for the post across from them the post getting the screen set will cut to the basket and score with the pass from the wing.

Knock Out Basketball Drill

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills


Get in a line of at least two people.

All of the people have to have basketballs.

The first person shoots from the three throw line.

If the first person misses then the second person shoots and if the second person makes it the first person is out in this basketball drill.

3 on 2, 2 on 1 Basketball Drill

by Lyric Brown

Basketball Drills

Basketball Drills

For this basketball drill, have players line up in three lines at one end of the court.

Then have two players at the opposite end at the free throw line and between the goal ready to play defense.

The first player at the foul line will go for the player that didn’t get the ball when you have the first players in each line playing offense.

The lower player on defense will go for the first pass.

When the shot is made then the players that were on defense are now on offense and the player that made the shot now is on defense.

Those players will run the drill going toward the three lines but the player on defense will just try to get the ball.

Repeat as many times you want.

5 in 25s

by M.B.

(Indiana, USA)

Stamina & Speed

Stamina & Speed

Objective of Drill: Helps stamina and speed.

Action of Drill: The whole team lines up on one baseline.

Coaches set the clock to 25 seconds.

All players have to run down and back from both baselines 5 times in 25 seconds.

Keep doing it until everyone makes it.

Coaching Points: Make them do it over and over until everyone makes it.