The Big Rebound Drill

by R. B.

(Florida, USA)

Basketball Rebounding

Basketball Rebounding

Objective of Drill: The objective is to drill youth players in foot work, hand eye coordination, movement and jumping skills required to become successful offensive and defensive rebounders.

Action of Drill: The drills involve players in 1 on 1 training succession on the court where they feed high arching rebounds in quick succesion.

The players secure the rebound and throw an outlet pass to a coach or player.

The offensive player stays on offense until he secures an offensive rebound or 5 attempts, which ever comes first.

If the offensive rebounder gets an offensive rebound the defensive player does 5 push ups and goes to the end of the drill line.

Coaching Points: Coaches must highlight and re-enforce the following skills: following the path of the ball from the shooter’s hand; foot work used to box out and hold the position; attaching the ball at its highest point; hand eye coordination used to catch ball above the head with two hands and, finally, aggression “going for it!