Great Ball Handling Tips To Help Unleash The Dribbling Master Inside You

Here you’ll find some great ball handling tips. For any player, developing good dribbling skills is a key factor in developing their game.

For taller players, developing good dribbling skills can make all the difference in the world. It can mean the difference between becoming a great player and just being so-so (and who wants to be just an average player, right?). For the smaller players, good ball handling ability is the key to getting around the big players and getting into scoring opportunities.

Basically, everyone needs to develop ball handling skills. It helps set up an offense, get through and around the defense and definitely helps make the fast break work properly.

The ball handling tips displayed below are not in any particular order. Just scroll through, find what tip or tips you’re looking for. Then put these tips to use in your practicing and drills. If you invest the time needed to master your dribbling skills, you’ll be thankful everytime you fake your opponent into embarrassment on the basketball court.

OK, bring on the dribbling tips!

By the way, would you like to learn how to dramatically increase your focus on applying these ball handling tips without ingesting a pill or drink?


Ball Handling Tips

1) Control the ball with your fingers, not your palm. Keep your fingers spread comfortably.

2) Learn to dribble without needing to look at the ball.

3) Be sure there is a purpose to your dribbling.

ball handling
Useless and excessive dribbling can hurt the team.

4) Bend slightly and keep your knees bent a little.

5) As a general rule, you should stay away from the corners and sidelines when performing as a dribbler.

6) Try to keep the ball from going above the waist.

7) Keep your head up and stay alert to what’s happening on the court, not what’s happening at your feet.

8) Get good at dribbling with both hands. The best players have mastered this. You can, too.

9) Be sure to keep the ball close to your body and under control.

10) You should end every single dribble with a successful pass to a teammate or a shot attempt.

11) If you’re being guarded closely or cutting to the hoop, you want to keep the ball from bouncing past your knees. Keep everything under control.